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Specialised in Marketing and Innovation

Lise Yacoub Nardin
Founder & Managing Partner
Rima Yacoub
Partner, Business Development
Julia Sanchez
Chef de Projet


Our team


Lise Yacoub Nardin Founder & Managing Partner


With over 11 years of experience in the textile industry and in capital markets, Lise is a creative entrepreneur providing clients with out of the box solutions to their challenges.


After over 6 years as the Global Marketing Manager of a leading financial software provider and proven expertise in marketing, business development and communication, she founded Createmotions to accompany other entrepreneurs in the development of their business, as well as in their personal life, in France and abroad.


Lise is a graduate of the EM Lyon Business School and holds a BA in Economics. Multicultural, she has lived in France, USA and Lebanon, her home country, before deciding to settle down in Paris. Her inspiration and her bubbly personality come from her traveling. She’s a trend seeker, always innovating with creative and out of the box state of mind.
Twitter : @lizyacoubnardin





Rima Yacoub Partner, Business Development


As a partner and business development manager of Createmotions, Rima works directly with clients to insure their growth in a highly competitive market. Rima holds an MBA in management of family businesses from the Sorbonne University and followed several trainings from Paris Dauphine part of the major Master Business Consulting, management, organisation and information technologies. She has a thorough understanding of the 3 main components of a company: organisation, management and technology.
Her experience in the family business Ets Habib Yacoub also gave her a specific knowledge of the floor and wall coverings industry.





Julia Sanchez , Project Manager


Julia holds an MBA in management from EDC Paris and an MBA in Business Consulting from Dauphine. After 3 years of consulting in international companies, she joined Createmotions as project manager in 2012.


Julia is very adventurious and enjoys travelling and discovering new cultures. Organised and creative, she understands our clients challenges and accompanies them in their professional and personal projects.