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Innovative solutions for designers


Createmotions Design provides interior designers and architects innovative global products and services under a single one stop shop in Lebanon.
We believe that emotions are at the heart of any decision making process when buying a product or a service.
We believe that you buy an experience and a collaboration to remember. That’s the foundation of Createmotions


Createmotions Design is also a gateway between Lebanese architects and interior designers with the world. We are trend seekers worldwide and trendsetters in Lebanon always looking for new fabrics and innovative materials in today’s constantly changing and eco-friendly marketplace.

Contracting Services:

Createmotions Design’s founding partners Lise & Rima benefit from 90 years of experience of Ets Habib Yacoub, their family business, in the floor & wall covering industry.
Createmotions Design leverages on this valuable experience and network of international suppliers.
In addition to the existing network, we add innovative, trendy and environment friendly products and offer contracting services to hospitality, corporate and residential projects in Lebanon and the Middle East.

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Consulting & Outsourcing services:

Createmotions Design offers a suite of services to today’s most promising designers and art service providers.
Our goal is to drastically simplify and empower the business of interior designers and architects. We help them gain visibility, credibility and adaptability to a constantly evolving market.
We leverage on our experience with Createmotions Outsource and Events to develop different consulting and outsourcing services addressing the designers industry.

- Marketing coaching and advisory services: we provide coaching and advisory services to architects, interior designers, photographers, art directors, designers. We help them successfully market themselves and allow them to optimize their resource allocation.

- Production of presentation and sales tools: we help our clients produce high impact presentations, testimonials, case studies, books/portfolios, websites and blogs

- PR and community management: in addition to networking, Createmotions Design provides community management services, PR services and event management.

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