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From baby shower to a surprise birthday



Event Planner


Together we will build unforgettable moments.

Wedding, vows renewal, engagement, family gathering, birthday parties, baby shower, each évent of your life should be an occasion to party:

- Celebrations: engagement, vows renewal, wedding anniversary, we will make them unique and memorable

- Gathering: be it friendly or a family gathering, we will bring an inventive touch to it

- Romantic surprise: surprise your other half with our creative ideas ranging from a gift at the office to a romantic escapade

- Friends: from a girls night out to a bachelorette week end, we will plan a creative program to suit your wishes

- Children: from baby showers to birthday parties

If you wish to surprise yourself and your loved ones, contact us to transform your wish into unforgettable moments.

Thanks to our unmatched experience and our international network, we design your events worldwide for all your personal and professional occasions.