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"There isn't a day where I don't recall our beautiful wedding ceremony by the beach in Zanzibar, not a day where I don't recall ou wonderful wedding reception in the Agafay desert with our loved ones. All of this would not have been possible without Lise Yacoub Nardin's flawless wedding planning and delicate attention to details, creating enchanting and unforgettable moments"



Wedding in France


We were very lucky to find Lise in our search of someone creative enough to design our day the way we dreamt it to be. Always available and a great listener, you composed with our suggestions and our personalities to create a one of kind wedding ceremony filled with emotion.
We cannot thank you enough for the enchanting moments you made us live with our loved ones.

Alexandra & David



Wedding in Haute Savoie, June 2009


It all happened so fast : our wedding planning, us moving abroad and renting our home. It seemed natural to rely on professionals to help us in all those important events. That's why I turned to Createmotions. I was releived that Lise accepted the challenge of organizing the perfect wedding in such short notice and remotely. She guided us very simply and easily in every step, with such efficiency...On our wedding day, we relied completely on her, knowing without a doubt that we were in good hands.

I highly recommend Lise's wedding planning services. I fully enjoyed every second of our wedding, completely stressfree. The next day, we were off to new adventures. My friends and family loved it.We all stayed in this magic bubble for a few days. A thousand thanks Lise.

Anne & Laurent


Destination Wedding


Everday I recall our wedding in Zanzibar and in the Agafay desert. Memories of our amazing wedding keep coming back to me. All of this was made possible thanks to your planning skills, your subtil discretion and attention to every detail that made our wedding so unique. A big thank you and all our gratitude to you Lise.